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Product Summary

India’s first and only database providing details and analysis of promoter-wise and company-wise pledged shareholdings, updated on a daily basis with all creation/release/invocation (of pledge shares) transactions.

Some of the first-of-a-kind features/reports of this database are:

  • Company-wise (including as on date lender-wise break up of pledged shares of each promoter of the company), Industry-wise, Index-wise, Group-wise and Market cap-wise searches available along with searches by Promoter Name (made possible due to extensive name cleaning/uniquing exercise), Promoter Name ‘Contains’, Promoter Group (to view pledged shares status of all promoters of a particular company, across all companies), Transaction Date, Transaction Type (creation/release/invocation), Reason for Creating Pledge, Person/Entity in whose favour pledge created and Market Value of Pledged Shares
  • As on date pledging status of all companies and all promoters in one view as also changes over a defined period
  • League Tables (Rankings) of ‘Pledgees’ (or ‘Entities in whose favour pledge has been created’) by value of pledge creation transactions and by current outstanding
  • Lender-wise company-wise pledged share status
  • Details of all other charges registered are also available (using data from MCA), company-wise and lender-wise
  • Opening & Closing Balance report for promoters of all companies
  • Industry-wise pledge share status summary
  • Pledge Transactions of a particular company charted on price curve
  • Market price movement of companies with pledged shares
  • Filings submitted by RTAs (under SEBI’s system-driven disclosures) also covered
  • Non-promoter pledged shares with NBFCs are also included
  • Extensive validation and de-duplication of transactions (Original document, as filed to stock exchange, also available)

Database Coverage

All NSE-listed companies since 1st April 2013.

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