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Product Summary

India’s first and only database providing shareholder (promoters and public>1%)-wise (made possible due to extensive name cleaning/uniquing exercise) and company-wise holdings and changes in shareholding in all companies across all quarters over the last 8 years (Scheme-wise Mutual Fund holdings of even less than 1% are covered). This database is updated on a daily basis.

Some of the first-of-a-kind features/reports of this database are:

  • Rectification of filings made by companies as per revised shareholding format issued by SEBI in December 2015
  • Who owns what shares, changes in shareholding and entry and exits of investors: Track changes in shareholding of individual promoters and public shareholders within a company over last 8 years. Also view present holding as well as track changes in shareholding of promoters and public shareholders across all companies over last 8 years
  • Company-wise, Industry-wise, Index-wise, Group-wise and Market cap-wise searches are available as also searches by Shareholder Name, Shareholder name ‘Contains’, Promoter Group (to view shareholding of all promoters of a Company, across all companies) and Shareholder Category (FPI, Mutual Fund etc.)
  • Calculate Market value of holdings of any shareholder (promoter or public) at any given point in the last 8 years
  • Compare shareholding of peer group companies, companies belonging to a particular industry or companies belonging to a particular index
  • Compare shareholding in summary format or as per detailed SEBI format, for a company across quarters
  • Track changes in pledged shareholding, promoter-wise, quarter-wise, across last 8 years
  • Track shareholder-wise changes across quarters For e.g. Which promoter or which FPI, and in which company, has increased his shareholding the most between 2 quarters
  • Track Shareholder Category (Promoter, FPI, DII etc.)-wise changes across quarters
  • Companies where Shareholder Category-wise % Shareholding is within a particular defined range
  • Industry-wise Public Institutional Shareholding with investor-wise and company-wise break-up
  • Track shareholding of FPIs/MFs/Insurance companies across all listed companies, industry-wise or company- wise
  • Ranking of Top 100 FPIs (holding more than 1%)/ Top 10 Mutual Funds/ Top 5 Insurance Companies (holding more than 1%) / Top 100 Shareholders (Entities)/ Top 100 Shareholders (All Individuals, only Promoter-Individuals, only Non-Promoter-Individuals) across all companies
  • View shareholders who have been re-classified from Promoters to Public or vice versa
  • View shareholders who have been classified as Promoter and Public in the same company in the same quarter
  • Compare locked-in shares of promoters and public shareholders across quarters, view details of partly paid-up shares, outstanding convertible securities, warrants and outstanding DRs
  • Chart shareholder category-wise or shareholder-wise changes in shareholding

Database Coverage

All NSE-listed companies since quarter ending 30th June 2009.

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