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As per RBIs Master Circular on Loans and Advances issued in 2014, certain restrictions have been placed on which entities banks can lend to from the point of view of director linkages.

In this regard, this module can be of immense use to the credit risk department of Banks.

The 3 things which would be of your immediate interest are as follows:

  1. Daily Updated composition of the board of all NSE-listed companies including the position on the board, independent director status, date of appointment and gender

  2. Directorships in all listed and unlisted companies of directors on the board of NSE-listed Companies- For any director on the board of an NSE-listed Company, you can view his or her directorships in all listed and unlisted companies including the position on the board, independent director status and date of appointment in those companies. This has been achieved by extensive cleaning and uniquing of directors

  3. Connectivity with other Directors- 1st degrees of connections of all directors have been established by overlapping their respective time periods on the boards of various companies   

In addition, you shall receive email alerts whenever there is a new appointment or a cessation in such companies.

The above services are available through an Annual Subscription. To subscribe, please send an email to We shall then get back to you with pricing and other details.

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