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Product Summary

This first-of-its-kind database provides a single-point access to information on the boards of listed companies and some prominent unlisted financial sector companies (MFs, Insurance Cos. etc.) along with a profile with age, gender, nationality, educational qualifications, experience, position on the board, independent/non-independent status, date of appointment, tenure, committee memberships, remuneration, (including ratio to median remuneration), cessations, other directorships of each director (in listed & unlisted companies), board evaluation, board attendance and connectivity with other directors (1st and 2nd degrees of connection which is of use from a business development as also governance point of view). This database is updated on a daily basis.

Some of the other first-of-a-kind features/reports of this database are:

  • Daily updations of resignations and appointments of directors
  • League Tables (Rankings) of remuneration of directors, wholetime or independent, male or female. Ranking on basis of ‘Ratio to Median Remuneration’ is also available.
  • Report on MCA disqualified directors & their directorships
  • Search for Directors on the boards of companies using 13 parameters viz. Director Surname (made possible due to extensive name cleaning/uniquing exercise), Director Type, Gender, Age, Nationality, Appointment Period, Cessation Period, Industry to which the Company (on whose board Director is) belongs, Educational Qualifications, Educational Institution, Foreign Education (Y/N), Civil Services and Number of Present Directorships in Listed Companies
  • Companies which are non-compliant in terms of number of independent directors
  • Companies with women directors on their boards, companies without any woman director, companies without any ‘independent’ woman director, women directors on the boards of NSE-listed companies and Directorships of women in listed companies (including if they are related to promoter family)
  • Individuals holding 5 or more than 5 directorships in listed companies, independent directors holding more than 7 independent directorship positions in NSE-listed companies, independent directors holding more than 3 independent directorship positions and at least 1 wholetime directorship position in NSE-listed companies
  • Forthcoming Expiry of Director Tenures and Number of years in the same company as an independent director
  • Compilation of lists of independent directors of peer group companies, along with their respective remuneration
  • Companies with most cessations of Independent Directors and Independent Directors with most cessations
  • Snapshot Reports for All Directors All Companies, Only Independent Directors All Companies, All Directors CNX NIFTY Companies, Women Directors All Companies etc. to give a birds eye view in terms of composition, tenure, age, education etc.
  • Other reports such as Companies with Foreign Nationals on their board, Companies with Members of Civil Services on their board, Age Summary of Directors on Boards, Education Level of Directors on Boards and Institutions having nominees on boards
  • Company Profile Snapshot Report and Director Profile Snapshot Report (in PDF format)
  • Resource Centre containing news articles from around the world relating to Corporate Governance, Women Directors, Independent Directors, Remuneration of Directors etc.

Database Coverage

Companies Period Numbers
All Companies listed on NSE 1st January 2006 onwards 1,807
Companies exclusively listed on BSE with market capitalization of more than Rs.1000 crore as on 1st April 2019 1st April 2019 onwards 27
Unlisted Financial Sector Companies 217

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