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Product Summary

India’s first and only database providing details and analysis of promoter-wise and company-wise pledged shareholdings, updated on a daily basis with all creation/release/invocation (of pledge shares) transactions.

Some of the first-of-a-kind features/reports of this database are:

  • Company-wise (including as on date lender-wise break up of pledged shares of each promoter of the company), Industry-wise, Index-wise, Group-wise and Market cap-wise searches available along with searches by Promoter Name (made possible due to extensive name cleaning/uniquing exercise), Promoter Name ‘Contains’, Promoter Group (to view pledged shares status of all promoters of a particular company, across all companies), Transaction Date, Transaction Type (creation/release/invocation), Reason for Creating Pledge, Person/Entity in whose favour pledge created and Market Value of Pledged Shares. ‘Encumbrance Type’, containing details such as NDU, lien etc., for every transaction is also available.
  • League Tables (Rankings) of ‘Pledgees’ (or ‘Entities in whose favour pledge has been created’) by value of pledge creation transactions and by current outstanding
  • Lender-wise company-wise pledged share status
  • As on date pledging status of all companies and all promoters in one view as also changes over a defined period
  • Details of all other charges registered are also available (using data from MCA), company-wise and lender-wise
  • Opening & Closing Balance report for promoters of all companies
  • Industry-wise pledge share status summary
  • Pledge Transactions of a particular company charted on price curve
  • Market price movement of companies with pledged shares
  • System driven disclosures by depositaries and filings submitted by RTAs also covered
  • Non-promoter pledged shares with NBFCs are also included
  • Extensive validation and de-duplication of transactions (Original document, as filed to stock exchange, also available)

Database Coverage

Companies Period
All Companies listed on NSE 1st April 2013 onwards
Companies exclusively listed on BSE with market capitalization of more than Rs.1000 crore as on 1st April 2019 1st April 2019 onwards

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