Corporate Social Responsibility Database


Product Summary

India’s first and only database providing complete details of Corporate Social Responsibility spends for all companies.

Some of the first-of-a-kind features/reports of this database are:

  • Company-wise, Industry-wise, Index-wise, Group-wise and Market cap.-wise searches available along with searches by Financial Year, Average Net Profit of last three Financial Years, Prescribed CSR Expenditure, Amount to be spent as decided by company, Sector in which the CSR Activity is covered and State in which the Expenditure is done
  • Break-up of spends, activity-wise, schedule-wise and state-wise (along with name of cities/districts/villages), including details of the Projects/Activities covered, has been provided. Break-up of amount spent directly and through implementing agency has also been provided.
  • CSR Board Committee details have been provided
  • CSR Report extracted from the Annual Report has been provided
  • Reasons for unspent amounts have been provided
  • Report on companies which have not spent the required amount under CSR has been provided

Database Coverage

Companies Period
All Companies listed on NSE 1st April 2014 onwards
Companies exclusively listed on BSE with market capitalization of more than Rs.1000 crore as on 1st April 2019 1st April 2019 onwards

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